About the band

Off The Chartz is a group of versatile, seasoned musicians who perform authentic covers of

Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Soul, R & B, 60s, and Blues.

The band was founded by renowned guitarist and songwriter, Alfie Latanski, Alfie met drummer and percussionist extraordinaire, Dale Lloyd. They soon joined up with multi-talented vocalist and front man “Johnny Sweet ”RE forming the band Off the Chartz.  

Johnn Sweet wide vocal range, lively stage performances never fail to deliver a musical stage show reminiscent of the great classic rock performers of the Era.

Off the Chartz is completed by guitar virtuoso Alfie Latanski, whose fiery guitar solos and tasteful riffs seem almost effortless. In the pocket percussion, strong bass and rhythm guitars combined with vocal harmonies make this band stand out.

“They’re fun and unforgettable! Whether you’re dancing or just enjoying the music, your eyes won’t leave the stage. This dynamic band lives up to their moniker, they’re Off the Chartz!”